GROW Newsletter Winter 2023

Did you know that when you donate a dollar to iDE Canada, it turns into $10 in the hands of determined entrepreneurs around the world?

It’s true.

And it means that your gift of $50 turns into $500 in the hands of entrepreneurs — and their families — who are living in poverty!

What it comes down to is this: knowledge is power.

We take your $50 — so generously given — and invest it in innovative ideas and training.
Like how to harvest and store rainwater for the dry season. How to plant different kinds of crops. How to get rid of local pests. Or, how to save money and build a business in an unstable economy.

Then, we provide that training to entrepreneurs living in poverty around the world. With their new skills, they’re able to increase their incomes ten times to feed and take care of their families!

It’s all about the right training and support. With it, these families can power themselves out of poverty.

Your caring gift today can provide that training and support…

And have ten times the impact in the hands of someone who really needs it.

Thank you for your big-hearted support of entrepreneurs trying to make a living in poor countries around the world!