This holiday season, give a gift that GROWS

Your generosity today can provide women like Debirtu with the knowledge and tools they need to start a business and feed their families.

For many years, Debirtu owned a small family farm. But it didn’t produce enough income to buy essentials like clothing and medication for her seven children. 

She struggled with bad soil quality, droughts, floods and unpredictable rain. 

Living rurally, it was really hard for her to get her vegetables to markets where people could buy them. And if people couldn’t buy them, she couldn’t make money to purchase more seeds. 

She, and her children, were stuck in a never ending cycle of poverty.

And she’s up against a society where women aren’t supposed to start businesses — even if they’re in desperate need. 

This holiday season, women like Debirtu need your help to create a reliable income and feed their children. 

Will you help level the playing field so they have the same money making opportunities as men?

Your generosity today can provide the knowledge and tools these women need to transform their farms and generate more income for their families. 

Like planting more than one crop so they’re not dependent on any one harvest.
Like learning how best to market their vegetables.
Like buying, raising and multiplying livestock.
Like training sessions on how to build a business and how to save money.
And much, much more! 

These women have determination. They’re ready to do the heavy lifting. They just need a helping hand from caring people like YOU to get started. 

And once they do? 

The seeds of your generosity will grow and flourish — just like their new businesses.

Please know this: your gift of any amount will go directly towards helping female farmers grow and thrive. And by doing so, your gift will also empower other females to do the same!

Together, we can change the status quo for female entrepreneurs around the world this holiday season.

Please consider making a special donation below. And happy holidays!