Over 40 years ago, iDE started working with local businesses in Bangladesh, India and Nepal to build, market and sell over 2.5 million affordable foot-powered irrigation pumps. Today we work in 10 countries in Asia, Africa and South America.

Small-scale farmers grow 80% of the food available in rural areas but often live in poverty. Your support helps farmers increase their incomes by ensuring they have access to markets, high-quality seed and affordable irrigation.

Your support enables agricultural entrepreneurs to provide a range of services that are transforming smallholder farming:

  • affordable tools and technology like drip irrigation and solar pumps
  • farm business advisors – local agents who provide products and services bundled
    with technical and market advice
  • better access to appropriate finance and high-value markets for what farmers can
    grow on their small plots of land.

A Growing Business

Even though iDE leaves me,
I will stand on my own
because I have seen the benefits.

Getrude Nalishebo is growing her own
business by helping local farmers
to grow a more hopeful future for
themselves and their families.

As a Farm Business Advisor (FBA) in southern Zambia,
she provides an essential link between farmers in
remote areas and suppliers in commercial centres.

To date, iDE has been able to train over 400 FBAs like
Getrude, serving more than 110,000 farmers across
five provinces in Zambia. For the first time, these
farmers have access to sound advice on maximizing
yields, controlling pests and finding better markets
for their produce. Your support trains more farm
business advisors like Getrude to provide life-changing
opportunities to those who need it most.


Join us as we create new opportunities for rural families to prosper in agriculture – as producers, processors and marketers.

Our 2023 goal is to raise $1.4M from individual Canadians, companies and private foundations

Because the entrepreneurs we support typically generate more than $10 in additional income for every dollar of support, your donation has real and lasting impact. When you power smallholder farms, you are building a future of opportunity.

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