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Lack of access to period products is an issue around the world. This is an example of period poverty.

Through iDE’s monthly donor program, call the Activators Circle, you can power entrepreneurs to find solutions to period poverty that last.

Activators are caring people like you who believe in the power of a hand up instead of a hand out. Dedicated people who believe in entrepreneurs around the world and show up for them each and every month.

Entrepreneur’s like Monowara, a single mother of two and entrepreneur in Bangladesh who is providing for her family AND helping to alleviate period poverty in her community.

But because of the support of dedicated donors like you, Monowara was able to connect with iDE and got the training needed to build a successful business sewing reusable pads and clothing.

“Now, I can take care of my family’s needs and send my children to school.”

But she didn’t stop there.

In addition to supporting her family, Monowara works to eliminate period poverty for girls in her community by providing education on menstrual health.

She also stocks a vending machine at their school with low-cost disposable pads, something that was previously difficult and uncomfortable for girls to access.

But this is just one solution in one community in Bangladesh. That’s why we need dedicated people like you to support this work every month, because finding lasting solutions takes time and resources.

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Your consistent donations will go towards all areas of iDE’s work, including projects that are working to eliminate period poverty around the world.

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