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Entrepreneur’s like Chetan, a farmer in Nepal.

Chetan runs a small farm. Like many farmers in his region, he faces a chronic shortage of fertilizer. Fertilizer he needs to help his dragon fruit trees grow and produce more fruit. Through the donor funded Paul Polak Innovation Fund, three community-managed projects began producing tricho-vermicompost. Farmers add this compost to the soil as fertilizer, which helps their plants grow and produce more fruits and vegetables that they can sell and make more money for their family.

Chetan used this nutrient-rich compost and saw his production of dragon fruit double. That’s twice the amount of money he can make selling them! He even had enough fertilizer to grow an additional crop of marigolds – a popular flower used during festival season in Nepal – which made him even more money!

For farmers like Chetan, making twice the amount of money is life changing. It can mean sending their kids to school, buying medicine when a family member is sick or buying a vehicle to go long distances with ease.

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… help businesses prepare for challenges like floods and droughts.

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