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Life-changing innovations power families out of poverty

For farmers like Jaime Vicente Úbeda in Nicaragua, investing in new technology can be really scary. If it doesn’t work, or if he doesn’t receive proper training on how to use it, it can drain his savings — leaving him and his family with nothing.

So he, and many other farmers like him, continue to use outdated and unreliable techniques that end up working against them — limiting their yields, reducing their incomes and keeping their families trapped in a cycle of poverty. 

Before Jaime joined one of our test groups, his guava farm made just enough money to keep a roof over his family’s heads. In our test group, he learned how to care for, harvest, and sell passion fruit. Now, he has a stable business and makes a reliable income. He’s able to care for his wife and daughters and is saving money for the first time! 

Your generosity today can have a similar impact for other farmers just like him. 

We’re gearing up for the next round of the Paul Polak Innovation Awards — with winners being announced in Summer 2023. There, 12 to 15 innovators will be given grants that help them test their ideas, learn new things, and pivot to create the most beneficial product for families in need.

Will you consider helping fund the next BIG idea that will help farmers around the world power themselves — and their families — out of poverty?

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