Cycle 5 Challenge

B.C. couple P.L. and Kristen Meindertsma combined their love of cycling with a desire to help those less fortunate by creating ‘Cycle 5 to Survive.’

Cycle 5 is a journey embarking on 5 epic bike rides spanning five continents over five years — all while raising funds for five charities that work towards “cycles of opportunity for the less fortunate through sports, education, or business.” iDE is honored to be one of the five charities chosen.

Their first ride in 2023 spanned 4,300 kms from Banff, Alberta to Antelope, New Mexico.

Now YOU have the opportunity to take on this ride virtually through the Continental Divide Route Challenge. The challenge can be completed by participating in activities like biking, hiking, walking, running and rolling.

Registration is $25 and all proceeds go towards supporting the five charities chosen by Cycle 5, including iDE.

For more information or to register, check out the Cycle 5 website or the Continental Divide Bike Route Challenge webpage.