Paul Polak Innovation Fund

A dark blue donkey pulls a cart with a golden sunburst in the background. The title reads Paul Polak Innovation Fund.

Your daring gift can help fund the “Next Big Thing” that will help people in developing countries earn their way out of poverty!

As a market-driven organization, iDE believes in fostering innovation as a way to solve the world’s BIG problems. We’re always on the lookout for The Next Big Thing.

Thanks to generous people like you, we can make funding available through The Paul Polak Innovation Fund for promising products and ideas that directly benefit the children and families around the world who live in poverty. This fund was launched in 2021 in honour of iDE’s founder Paul Polak.

So what does this look like?

  • In Bangladesh, it looks like the “Eco-Ring”—a product that turns plastic waste into toilets for rural families. 
  • In Zambia, it looks like “Plant Doctors”—local entrepreneurs certified to help farmers treat pests and diseases in their crops.

Through your generosity today, you have the exciting opportunity to help fund the next round of innovative ideas just like these! 

Ideas with the potential to positively impact entire communities cost money. One Fail Fast project costs $20,000 for us to fund. Your generous gift will help us get closer to our goal.

With your help, The Paul Polak Innovation Fund pitch winners are able to test ideas, learn new things and pivot in order to create the most beneficial product for families in need. What an amazing (unique) gift!

In the event that the goal for this appeal is reached, additional donations will be put towards other areas of iDE operations. Your contribution will continue to make a difference.

Will you send in a daring gift today and give innovators the confidence and resources they need to move forward with their big ideas?