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From stress to ease

How you are helping ease the burden of life’s expenses. “It used to be when school fees came up, I’d start sweating. I had high blood pressure. Now I just ask, ‘how much?’” This confident quote is from Annie Muleba. She is a business owner from a small village in Zambia. Your care and generosity …

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Salima’s Success

“How am I going to pay rent?” Thoughts like this were what kept Salima Nosiku up at night. A Zambian mother of two, she sold farm supplies, but her store was too small, and sales were slow. Without enough income, she was at risk of losing her store and the ability to provide for her …

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Creating Opportunities Together: How Your Generosity is Helping Women Grow Their Businesses

Your enthusiasm and support of the Her Time to Grow project has been inspiring! In just over one year, you have donated nearly 70% of the matching funds needed to see this project through its four-year implementation. That’s $527,996!! That is a HUGE accomplishment – THANK YOU! Another thing that’s needed to get big projects …

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Growing Together

Ired Chuumbwe, 46, is focused on growth, not only for herself and the five children she’s raising as a single mother, but also for her community. As a Farm Business Advisor, or FBA, she works with more than 200 farmers, providing women with training in Conservation Agriculture, post-harvest management, and food processing and preservation. These …

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