Salima’s Success

“How am I going to pay rent?”

Thoughts like this were what kept Salima Nosiku up at night. A Zambian mother of two, she sold farm supplies, but her store was too small, and sales were slow. Without enough income, she was at risk of losing her store and the ability to provide for her kids.

Salima was able to take an agriculture training class run by iDE. They also connected her to suppliers of farm seeds and chemicals to sell in her store. These products are often difficult for farmers in her rural community to find.

She has been building her business for a few years now and supports 5,000 farmers in her community. Not only is she able to pay rent on her store, but she has opened up two additional stores and hired women from her community to work there!

Salima is a great example of iDE’s unique approach to international development; working with entrepreneurs to figure out the tools and resources they need to support themselves, their families and their communities.