You are helping women balance motherhood and entrepreneurship

Maybe you can relate to this?

Many women in Zambia, Ethiopia and Ghana noted the challenge of dividing their time between various roles — mother, wife, homemaker, and income earner.

We heard this over and over again in interviews for Her Time to Grow, our project supporting women in agriculture — a project you passionately provided for!

It can be especially hard to balance the roles of income earner and parent when childcare services are unavailable or inaccessible. That’s why one of the solutions these women identified was access to childcare.

Thanks to your support, iDE is currently working to set up safe and nurturing childcare centres, so women can focus on their income-earning work. Income they can invest back into the lives of their kids through improvements in education, nutrition, housing and hygiene. These childcare centres can also be used as a gathering place for community meetings and farming demonstrations.

Thank you for working to provide a safe space for kids that helps women balance their roles and improve their families lives!

You are providing the education, tools and resources women in Ethiopia, Ghana and Zambia need to thrive in their agriculture business, through iDE’s Her Time to Grow project.

Your support directly impacts 25,000 female entrepreneurs. These women can go on to positively impact an estimated 165,000 more people, including 91,000 youth.