Do You Dare?

The Polak Fund is risky.

That’s the thing about big ideas. You don’t know if they’ll work or not until you test them.

As Nadia Campos, iDE’s Director of Global Design says; the Polak Fund “was meant to support projects [and] experiments that other donors will never dare to do.”

That’s why we are so grateful to have daring donors like you who support the Paul Polak Innovation Fund, which provides grants to innovators so they can test their ideas. These ideas have the potential to support entrepreneurs, increase incomes and improve livelihoods for people around the globe.

Hamidatu, featured on page 2 of this newsletter, was awarded a Polak Fund grant to test if it is feasible and scalable to turn recycled plastic into affordable, durable and easy-to-clean toilet facilities. Read up on how that project is going on page 2. If her big idea works out, that will mean even more families will have a safe, affordable toilet!

That’s what makes iDE donors like you so special. You believe in entrepreneurs and give them the confidence and resources they need to move forward with their big ideas. You believe in the value of testing these ideas, even if the outcomes are the opportunity to learn, adjust and try again. You show your belief in innovators by supporting iDE and the Polak Fund through your generous donations.

Thank you for believing in innovators.

If you dare, you can make an additional gift to the Paul Polak Innovation Fund by filling out the reply form on the last page or by going to