40 Under 40: Making a Difference

This year, we are celebrating our 40th anniversary by spotlighting 40 entrepreneurs who are changing their communities and helping end poverty, all before the age of 40. Amina Bacar and Aspara Timilsina are two of the 40 Under 40 entrepreneurs featured.

Both possess the strength and commitment to take on traditional gender roles and turn them on their heads.

For Aspara, a mechanic in Nepal, this meant enrolling in machine repair and business management skills training with iDE. She repairs all types of equipment in her farming community, bringing her mobile service to her customers’ doorsteps. A mother to a young son, she plays a crucial role in food security for her community, as many men have migrated to India for better income, leaving women to manage farms.

Amina is a Farm Business Advisor in Mozambique. Participation in iDE’s business plan training allowed her to transition from struggling to sell vegetables to success in running an agriculture supply store. She earns income by gathering crops from farmers and distributing them to buyers. With iDE’s support, she advocated for financial decision-making in her marriage. Now Amina helps other women by providing them with the credit they need to be able to stand on their own.

As role models, Apsara and Amina are inspiring the next generation to take charge of their own lives. And they’re helping to solve local problems along the way.

For the full list of 40 Under 40 entrepreneurs, go to ideglobal.org/40under40.