An Evening with Deepak Khadka

Thursday May 11, 2023

The iDE Canada community had the pleasure of hearing from and engaging in discussion with Deepak Khadka, iDE’s vice president of Asia operations.

Deepak brings over a decade plus technical and leadership experience in designing and implementing projects in Nepal focused on private sector market development, access to financial services for low income clients and a wide variety of agriculture value chain strengthening initiatives. Deepak currently serves as vice president of Asia operations and was our country director for Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, Deepak led one of iDE’s largest and most innovative portfolios, expanding iDE’s work in WASH, nutrition, private sector engagement, and integrated gender programming. Prior to joining iDE, he worked in Nepal as the co-founder and CEO of a not-for-profit organization focused on improving livelihoods for people living in the rural and remote hill areas. He has led initiatives in the public health sector and social marketing with PSI, livelihoods engagement in post-conflict and emergency affected markets in Nepal through Practical Action and access to financial services in rural and remote mountains with Samriddha Pahad. He has an MBA in marketing from Kathmandu University’s School of Management.

This event was in collaboration MBCI’s grade 10 Ventures Program class. Students learnt about entrepreneurship and social enterprise and how that works to alleviate poverty. Their assignment was to present on an entrepreneur powered by iDE.

Jon Goossen, iDE Canada’s Senior Fund Development Manager, expresses his gratitude for the opportunity to engage with the students of MBCI regarding Philanthropy and the significance of iDE’s work with entrepreneurs in the field.

The presentation displays created and showcased at the event greatly impressed event attendees. Two MBCI students delivered remarkably insightful and educational speeches on the importance of iDE’s work and shared what they had learned about social enterprise in relation to iDE.

A special acknowledgement goes to the teachers, Anita Penner and Julie Golub, for dedicating their time to invite iDE into the classroom and guiding the students through this project-based learning approach. Furthermore, iDE would like to extend their thanks to the principal, Andrea Buller, for granting permission to host the event at MBCI.

And thank you to everyone who attended, your support is powering social enterprise and entrepreneurs around the world!