CCIC’s Innovation and Impact Award goes to iDE Canada | February 14, 2020

The Canadian Council for International Cooperation presented their 2020 Innovation and Impact Award to iDE Canada at a reception on Parliament Hill.

The award specifically recognized the Sama Sama* project, which is tackling diarrheal disease, one of the top killers of children in Ghana and around the world.

CEO Stu Taylor thanked Canadian donors for believing in and supporting the effort to provide clean, affordable toilets across northern Ghana for the first time ever. This special relationship with understanding and encouraging supporters is the driving force behind the success of Sama Sama*, as it is for all of iDE’s work. “It’s new, it’s innovative and it’s doing something different where traditional approaches have failed ”,  Stuart said. “At the root, this is about saving the lives of children who are dying for the lack of a very simple facility.”

CCIC Board Membership Chair Ian Hamilton said the award committee was thrilled that the Award will highlight iDE’s great work and provide an opportunity to share lessons based on the innovative business model we have employed and the extensive consultation process that led to the design of the Sama Sama toilet.

Our work is only possible through your caring.
Your support is making this life-saving product possible for women, men, and children living in Ghana.

Thank you!

iDE Team


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*The Government of Canada provides funding for this project.