Her Time To Grow, Indeed!

How caring people like you helped raise $60,774.58 to help women grow their agricultural businesses and earn more money!

Even with challenges like global conflict, drought, supply chain issues and unequal access to land, money, information and technology, female farmers in Ethiopia, Ghana and Zambia are STILL growing. Learning. Succeeding. That’s because this year, generous people like you raised $60,774.58 to help us launch a brand new program called Her Time To Grow. But that’s not the best part: thanks to the Government of Canada’s 10x match, generous people like you actually helped raise 668,520 for women in Sub-Saharan Africa!

This is a BIG four-year project and the support of generous people like you has gotten us well on our way to reaching the $195,000 we need to raise each year to help women thrive.

You can be sure: your donations will go directly towards helping female farmers maximize their harvest, control pests and find better ways to market their produce. Not only that, it’ll also empower other female entrepreneurs to establish successful business ventures!

Which means, they’ll have more money in their pocket. Money they earned themselves thanks to the training and tools YOU’VE helped provide!

We are so grateful for Canadians like you who made this possible.

Thank you!

“I envision a future where my daughters and other females can have access to and own farmland for production—where women increase in confidence and are economically empowered.” Alhassan Hilda Wunniche, staff & mother of two girls