How your generosity fills the hearts and bellies of children in Zambia

Because you care, children in Zambia are learning about foods that will keep their bodies healthy and strong, and how to grow their own vegetables!

At the Lukomba Secondary School, each student has a small garden plot they’re taught to take care of. And when they successfully grow vegetables, they get to take them home to their family!

It’s all part of a larger effort to share tips for proper nutrition with families in rural communities. Like offering classes to young mothers about breastfeeding, food groups, and how to cook the vegetables their children are growing.

One of these mothers told us the best thing she’s learned is how to make porridge out of orange maize, groundnuts and soya beans for her children. “It’s helpful to learn what to feed children who are not malnourished to prevent them from becoming malnourished.

”Your generosity is helping amazing things grow in small garden plots in Zambia — and beyond!