Plant Doctors

You are connecting over 3 million rural Nepali farmers to training, technology, and markets that create the bridge to increased economic, social and climate resilience. Since 1992, you and iDE have been at the forefront in providing sustainable, life-changing programs for farmers and their families.

Our donor-supported Plant Doctors initiative has kickstarted enhanced crop production for Nepalese farmers
and their families.
Your support of a made-in-Nepal strategy is bringing real solutions to disease and pest control. Introducing the science of plant and soil care to generations of farmers using traditional practices has provided a springboard to new opportunities for Nepali farmers.

Rupa Thapa is a Plant Doctor working in the Lalitpur Municipality in Nepal. She is a local entrepreneur trained
to diagnose plant diseases and teach safe strategies to protect at-risk crops. Because rural farmers do not have access to technical agronomists, Plant Doctors like Rupa, now hold local clinics where she plays a vital role
in the community.

Unfortunately, many new pests are expanding their reach into Nepal. Plant Doctors, supported by you, are the first line of defence in rooting out these new pests and identifying potential solutions. Plant Doctors can prescribe remedies to combat these new threats. Rupa also has the ability to transmit real-time information on threats to other farmers. The sharing of this new information is providing a broad-based approach for keeping local farmers up-to-date on emerging threats and strategies for maintaining crop health.

As a Plant Doctor and clinician, Rupa is at the center of profound change for Nepal’s farmers. Her work, as well as the work of other Plant Doctors, is creating impact today and laying the foundation for a more resilient, responsive and science-based approach to future farming in Nepal.

Your support to train more Plant Doctors like her provides a foundation upon which farmers can build a sustainable and resilient future for themselves, their families and their community.